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As a manufacturer of measuring instruments, SENSIT s.r.o. carries out initial calibration of manufactured measuring instruments within its production processes, in accordance with the requirements of Act No. 505/1990 Coll., part III, § 10. SENSIT s.r.o. declares this fact on warranties. The Metrology Department performs calibration of resistance temperature sensors (including sensors with current and voltage converters), type K thermocouple sensors, temperature-current transducers, temperature-voltage transducers using ...

Product repair

SENSIT s.r.o. carries out warranty and post-warranty repairs of its own products (temperature sensors, flow sensors and humidity sensors, temperature probes, converters, temperature switches, thermostats, digital thermometers) as well as products of the same or similar character from other manufacturers. Repairs of our own products under warranty (claims) are dealt with in accordance with the applicable legislation, above standard requirements for settling claims are fulfilled after ...


Do you use our products and need additional employee training, or would you like your new co-workers to know what principles temperature sensors and other SENSIT s.r.o. products work on? Do you need to train workers in the field of sales, installation or service of temperature sensors and thus increase their qualifications and expand their knowledge? Then there is nothing easier than to choose from our ...